Back to the Future: Trends Revisited

There are some fashion trends that are best left firmly in the past (shoulder pads and leg warmers to name just a few – not to mention the horrendous neon phase), yet despite the sporadic mishaps, trends are constantly resurfacing and evolving. Walking into Topshop with my parents has become ever so amusing as I’m met with either exclaims of recognition or shudders of horror as fashion memories resurface. “I used to own a pair identical to them,” my Dad nods towards a pair of distressed, slightly dishevelled looking black skinny jeans. The Led Zeppelin t-shirt that I’m clutching with enthusiasm also gets a nod of approval. Meanwhile, the frilly culottes and denim flares are scorned at, “they were hideous then and are even more hideous the second time around!”

Chokers, scrunchies, flares, florals – they have all have made a fierce comeback. It’s difficult to walk into a Zara store and not be greeted with 80’s statement pieces or a mannequin dressed head to toe in Dexy’s Midnight Runners style dungarees. Stripey tops are also a big deal – the multi-coloured mom sweater is everywhere; ranging from an eye watering £360 Miu Miu piece, to a more fathomable £26 available from Urban Outfitters. With high end and high street both offering a vast variety of throwback fashion, it can be difficult to decide which trends to grab with fervour, and which to steer sharply away from.

Jumping on the Band Tee Wagon

So Band Tees are cool again. Remember when you were mocked in year 9 for wearing your Dad’s old Nirvana tee? Well, who’s laughing now? Slogan band t-shirts are everywhere – Iron Maiden, ACDC, The Rolling Stones – you name it, Topshop probably stock it. If you want to save yourself the extortionate price of £26 for a distressed holey version, eBay is crawling with band bargains, often for a tenner or less.

Rolling Stones Tees in Brandy Melville

Florals in Spring? Ground-breaking.

A far cry from outdated lairy prints, florals are now a firm wardrobe staple. Botanical embroidery is the latest in thing, offering subtle femininity to an otherwise simple garment. Just last month, Vogue published their ultimate floral guide for Spring and although you probably don’t have a spare seven grand lying around for an Alexandra McQueen floral number, you might be able to justify £25 of that well-earned student loan on this Zara blouse which proposes the perfect blend of delicate and demure.

Zara brimming with botanical garnments

Pinafores and Plaid

It is now completely acceptable to dress like Cher from Clueless and get away with it. Think matching tartan two pieces and baby doll dresses. Topshop’s baby pink corduroy pinafore is selling like hotcakes and Asos Marketplace is brimming with grunge pieces that will make you feel like you’ve just stepped off the Clueless set. It’s no secret that 90’s fashion has always held a special place in our hearts and whilst mesh tops and low rise combats should be approached with caution – we continue to embrace the velvet scrunchies and tattoo chockers with open arms.

Statement stripes and plaid in Urban Outfitters

Sporty Retro

Active wear is on the rise, yet ironically not for its intended purpose. Sporty Chic is making a huge comeback, led by labels such as Tommy Hilfiger and filtering out onto to the high-street with brands such as Ivy Park co-founded by the queen herself – Beyoncé. Chunky stripes, battered Adidas gazelles and oversized Nike sweatshirts – it’s all back and bigger than ever. Now you can spend the entire day in a racer bomber; walking the streets in your Roshe Runs without even going near a tread mill. What a time to be alive!

Topshop showing that Sporty is the new black


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