What I love most about summer

Our editorial staff reveal what they love most about this time of the year:

Mr Cuddles the Cat (Ousted Editor-In-Chief): The number you are trying to reach has been impounded by the International Criminal Police Organisation; please try again later.

Olivia Pryer (Acting Editor-in-Chief and National Correspondent): The smiles on baby turtles faces.

Sheridan Uppity-Phlipfile (Durham Correspondent): All those lovely short skirts.

Abraham Centworth (International Correspondent – DECEASED): Children playing on my grave.

Esther Thetis (Culture Correspondent): Crowds of tourists as far as the eye can see.

Tony Louthan (Sports Correspondent): Riveting sporting fixtures, like golf.

Cassandra Squall (Science Correspondent): Three months of unbroken British cloud.

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