The Lederhosen of Lebenslust

The fountain of youth, cure for depression and the cause of many spontaneous orgasms has been found

I found a video on the Internet and it is imperative that you watch it. It can and will make you a better person.

Be warned: Those of you who have been conditioned by society to frown upon unbridled joy and to think that being too happy is a sign of mental illness might risk being revolted to your core by this video. Nonetheless, for the open-minded this is a chance to be lead out of Plato’s cave of everyday life and witness the world in all its inherent beauty.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Franzl Lang, king of yodelling and a walking manifestation of all that is good in life.

Some of you might appreciate the sheer skill required for the vocal performance that is delivered. Others will first and foremost direct their attention to the graceful hip-movements around 1:28. It is my hope that a select few of you might, in addition to appreciating the sheer entertainment value of this rendition, realize that they just witnessed the pinnacle of human cultural evolution.

What you are exposed to is no less than the very embodiment of Lebenslust, a German term that can be roughly translated as lust or zest for life. We see a man so full bliss, delight and glee that the yodelling is not merely an act intended to entertain; it is a necessity as his body is literally full to the bursting point of the stuff and it needs to be let out.

Through his every articulation, his every movement and his very triumphant being he conveys an aura of full-on appreciation of life with such gusto that no being with his or her heart and soul intact can remain unaffected. Should the unlikely contingency occur that this man was faced with a charging hippopotamus, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that Herr Lang could bring the animal to a full stop mid-stride by meeting its eye and delivering a forceful ‘yo-de-le-di-ho’. Followed by the first known instance of a hippo dancing to traditional Bavarian music. I just had the best idea ever for Oktoberfest.

One look upon the man’s face tells you that this is a man who has spent a considerable amount of his post-pubertal life giving pleasure to hordes of willing women. I am also convinced that many years from now, when we’ve all turned to dust and the memories of our deeds are nothing but echoes and whispers in the winds, archaeologists will be baffled by the many sites around the Alps in which large amounts of panties have seemingly spontaneously propelled themselves into the ground with considerable force.

There is undeniably something profound about his performance. Good art is when the audience can recognize the skill of the artist, when you’re able to identify and admire the difficulty of the techniques used and the proficiency with which they have been applied to create something we find beautiful, inspiring or thought-provoking.

Great art, on the other hand, is something that elevates your soul. Something that instead of forcing you to look up to the artist brings you up on to a level higher than you could imagine, where you can see beyond the horizons of your mind. Great art makes you better than you thought possible and creates a relationship between you and the art that is more than the total sums of it parts. Great art doesn’t make you realize how good the artist it; it opens you up to how good you can be.

Franzl Lang’s yodelling is, of course, the latter. If in doubt, check out the magnificent hat he is wearing in this video. Only a demigod could pull that off.

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