The apprehension of the man

Who stole from the shop

After I had called the police to come and arrest the man who had stolen from the shop the men who had caught him had taken him back into the shop and locked the door.

I stood on the pavement with the old woman.

“You did a good job boy,” she said.

I wanted to go inside the shop to see what they were doing to the man. I wondered if they were beating him in a back room. I pushed on the locked door. It opened a little so I went inside and the old woman followed.

A few people were browsing the shelves, but they were not really browsing the shelves, they were just pretending. The shop assistants were standing at their tills very upright in a row and their eyes were not seeing the people in front of them.

Down at the end of the shop I could see the man sitting on a chair. He shouted something. “Erghv!” I did not understand.

The old woman began to lead me round the shop and gave me her basket to carry.

“Where are you from, boy.”

I told her.

“My neighbour comes from there. A very lovely woman.”

I said I was looking for file dividers.

The man shouted from behind a shelf.

She took me to the tills and said I was from England and that I was looking for file dividers.

“One moment Sir, ve vill be viz you in a minute.”

“I can speak German,” I said in German.

Everyone laughed, and the shop assistant was embarrassed. I felt bad. She had only wanted to be admired.

Another shop assistant took me to the file dividers and on the way showed me the mark on her arm where the man had grabbed her. I said I was sorry and chose blue, cream, green and pink file dividers.

At the till they were discussing a man who had helped catch the man who was stealing.

“He wants a voucher.”


“For helping.”

“Ok I’ll print one in a minute.”

I was about to leave when I turned around and looked to the back of the shop. The man was looking at me. He shouted. I left.

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