The Alphabet According to a Pessimist

T Through Z

T – Tragedy. Sadly, tragic events will happen to everyone in their lifetime. The good thing about it, though? You’re not alone.

U – Umbrella. Carry one always, because it always rains in the UK. Ruddy rain.

V – Value. It’s a depressing fact that in today’s commercialised world, there are a growing number of people who know the price of everything but the value of nothing. Know your values. Another depressing thing: Voldemort – evil man.

W – “We.” Beware of “we” and “us” and “them”. History shows that terrible things when people are thought of purely in terms of their group membership. But then, sadly, history also shows that we never learn…

X – X-rays. Accept it – at some point in your life, you’ll probably have to have an x-ray for some illness or ailment. Perhaps a bit too depressing even for this dictionary, but there’s not much to say about xylophones.

Y – Yes. Say “yes” to a pessimist and you’ll make their day.

Z – Zebras and their black and white stripes. Bear with me here. Some people will try to claim that the world is a black and white place, with concepts like good and evil, easy and hard, and optimist and pessimist. Some of the above 25 characteristics you may have identified with yourself, others you will not have; the point of this rambling? Things are not cleanly black and white, so don’t be so quick to judge and label.

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