Missing in Action

The snow thickens

As promised, I have been investigating the disappearance of a snowman, now named as Icicle Bicycle Bill, who was last seen in the grounds of St Mary’s at 10pm on Wednesday 23rd January.

No family has been located, and only one snowman interviewee, Snow Joe, claimed any sort of acquaintance with him.

“Yeah, Bill seemed a good chap, though I didn’t know him particularly well. We were both stationed at Mary’s on the night of the 23rd, so had a bit of a chat and some cold chocolate together before…” He trailed off.

“Before?” I questioned.

“You know, before night time, like you humans have hot chocolate in your onesies every night.”

While this does seem a plausible explanation, his slightly edgy demeanour and clear slip of the buttons, and its slick cover-up, made me suspicious. So tonight, I’m turning ninja, and camping out at the bottom of Williamson Drive, to see what this Snow Joe really gets up to after his cold chocolate. Wish me luck, readers!

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