Library II

By the Kafka shelf at half past ten.
You as well?
” ‘This and this and this, trauma as a child!’ ”
“Ahh, But that’s shit!”
someone looks up.

“But why are we standing here! Are you finished? Let’s go for a drink!”
“Haha.” Yes.

No I am going to bed now.

Walking past the history shelves.
I don’t have my wallet on me
“Don’t worry, I will pay. I pay this one, you the next!”
oh kay!

How do I tell him it is my bed time

I’m I’m carrying a plastic bag full of books, where do you want to go, do you know anywhere?
“No! We will find somewhere.”

In the foyer.
I don’t have any money on me. I don’t have a coat my house is just over there

“It is raining!”

“I think we should meet another day.”
Ah! You don’t want to go for a beer?
“Not now let’s meet another day.”

“Sunday. I’ll text you.”

He goes back inside.

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