It’s Not All That Bad You Know

Rap and Earl Grey – a timeless combination

Last week my clicker was broken and so I was stuck watching the same blasted channel that my grandson has been glued so avidly to the previous day; the MTV I believe it’s called. I was just about to turn in when I stumbled across a rather exciting programme called ‘The Top 100 Hippy-Hop and Rapping Numbers Of All Time’ (or something like that). I had been planning on finishing my Earl Grey and hopping into bed before ten o’clock but my plans were scuppered. I was already in my jammies for goodness sake. But the countdown was on number sixty-seven out of a hundred and I’ll be damned if I wasn’t going to find out who number one was.

I always thought I hated hip and hop, but much to my astonishement I found surprising amounts of enjoyment in certain numbers the chap presenting the whole shebang played. What was his name…? Snoopy the Dog, or something like that. I can tell you, that made me chuckle; to think dear old Snoopy was still inspiring the younger generations. This lad had even named himself after him, just brilliant. I used to love Snoopy as a small boy. Unfortunately Snoopy (the presenting fellow) didn’t make any Snoopy related jokes, but golly would I have laughed. Blimey, I’m getting side-tracked, I apologise.

I had previously always had real aversion to all that angry gangsterish sounding music with it’s ‘yo yo yo-ing’ and it’s incessant groin groping. In fact, many a chuckle have I had from my little joke about hip’n’hop; ‘You can hip while I will hop *pause for effect* off for a cup of tea.’ Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyway the entire thing was jolly enlightening. Not all of the rappings were to my liking, a little too much anger and boasting at times; ‘I have X number of cars and a thousand dollar grills’. I got my grill from the Argos in Kintbury for a hundredth of that price. And it works just fine and dandy, thank you very much.

But I must say the odd one did have a rather catchy beat and at times I even considered getting out of my armchair and having a little dance. But I was wearing my slippers and was concerned about their lack of support and so limited my movement to knee-tapping and some shoulder waggling.

A pot and a half of tea and almost two hours later we had reached number one, having heard music from all sorts of fascinating young men and women. Unfortunately, I had nodded off at around number twenty so I haven’t got the faintest idea who Snoopy decided upon. But I had certainly seen my fair share of bombastic and exhilarating artistry, from P Daddy to The Emin men, Notoriously Big to 2 Pack. I was blown away at just how many of the younger generation were so into their rapper music. It was really heartening to see so many young gentlemen and gentlewomen with a real passion for something.

Jolly annoying I never managed to find out who the top of the pile was, mind you. I suppose I’ll be able to find that out on The Google nowadays. But I haven’t the foggiest idea how to turn on my computer. It only ever seems to work when my daughters around anyway, blasted thing.

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