History lecturer “plagiarised” plagiarism lecture

History students weren’t listening anyway

The history department declined to comment yesterday on the rumour that they have suspended a senior lecturer pending investigation after it was discovered that the contents of his introductory lecture on plagiarism avoidance had been taken from a free online course offered by the University of Portsmouth.

Students were apparently alerted to the fact when one spoke out to question why all the slides used in the lecture were copyrighted to “Owen Wards, University of Portsmouth”.

“I thought it was quite hypocritical that the lecturer was telling us not to fraudulently pass someone else’s work off as your own, while he was doing exactly that,” reasoned one first-year historian.

The lecture, compulsory for all new History undergraduates, was introduced this year to combat the rising numbers of students who, according to one senior source, “Do not know their endnote from their bibliography, that is to say, their arse from their elbow.”

The Head of Department had last week added: “I find Turnitin hard to use.”

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