Durham University makes English Pie-eating history

“Who ate all the pies?”

Mmm, doesn’t that look delicious?

Durham has become the first ever university to be awarded the ‘Mickey Quinn High Performance University’ status.

This award recognises the quantity and quality of talent delivered through the pie-eating programme at Durham University. It is the first award of its kind and part of English Pie-eating’s development of its Elite Eating Table.

As a Mickey Quinn University, Durham will work closely with English Pie-eating in developing its programme which includes not only supporting talented competitors, but also developing student leadership and pie-eating participation within the university and wider community.

Nigel Fenton, Head of Pies at Durham University, said: “This award is the result of working in partnership with English Pie-eating over the last seven months to develop a programme which meets all requirements and standards.

“We are committed to the development of pie-eating at all levels within the university and we are very excited to see the fillings of our success in the British Universities Rollmops and Pies (BURP) competitions and the growth of pie-eating in general at Durham.”

Many current male and female members of the English Pie-eating Team attend or have attended university. The Mickey Quinn programme at Durham gives prospective talented students the confidence that they will receive quality coaching and competition, in addition to other types of support such as gastronomic strength and conditioning coaching and physiotherapy.

Mickey Quinn Universities also offer scholarships and have facilities that cater for talented gluttons.

Durham University recently opened a new £6.70 world-class pie-eating facility, cementing the university’s global reputation as a centre for pastry excellence.

Some 100 per cent of Durham University’s students participate in eating at all levels, believed to be the highest such participation rate at a UK university. The university also runs an acclaimed community outreach programme totalling two projects – the largest of its kind in the UK.

English Pie-eating has increased its work in the university sector over the last twenty-eight weeks and is looking to make further High Performance University Awards.

Bill Foulke, National Club Development Manager for English Pie-eating, said: “Mickey Quinn Universities are an important step for English Pie-eating. Talented gourmands not only want a university that meets their academic needs but also one that will help develop their Pie-eating careers.

“Mickey Quinn Universities give the support students need to achieve success. I hope that there are more universities that will want to create strong pie-eating partnerships such as the one forged with Durham.”

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