Beautiful Britain.

Three great days out for you and all your pals.

1. Diggerland

Self-proclaimed ‘most unique attraction’ in the UK Diggerland is a guaranteed day of digger-filled fun. With four separate sites across the UK you’re never far from digging to your hearts content..

Parents, have you ever wanted to eat a fancy 2-course dinner in a digger? Book onto the luxury ‘Digger Dine 4 2’ and for only £80 you can choose from their rustic menu and enjoy a cosy evening with your loved one, in a digger. Why not splash out and sample our homemade wine ‘Digger Dribble’ (only £19.99). Do not worry about being disturbed, the kids will have plenty of digging to keep them occupied.

So whether you feel like shifting large amounts of dirt, operating digging machinery or just chilling out and making a giant whole in the earth, Diggerland is the place for you

2. Gnome World

As Wordsworth once probably wrote ‘Fine crafted hats and faces and ears, / Gnomes have watched gardens year after year’. The legacy of the British garden gnome is one of decadence and intrigue. But nowhere, from the hallowed gnome fields outside of Scunthorpe to Gnome Palace in Bupperly-On-The-Sea, are gnomes more treasured than ‘Gnome World’, in Cornwall.

With one of the largest collections of gnomes in the whole of the West Country this is not one to be missed. Amble through the Gnome World estate, eat a sandwich on one of their many picnic tables, meet fellow gnome enthusiasts in the Gnome world caravan park. The gift shop also offers an abundance of unique and exciting gnomes to add to your collection at home.

One satisfied customer said ‘I’ve seen my fair share of gnomes. But this place had like… a shitload of gnomes’. If that’s not enough, entrance is free. Come one and all, gnome enthusiasts and amateurs alike, for a day of porcelain orientated fun.

3. Barometer World

Are the pressures of daily life getting to you? Why not take a load off and get yourself down to Barometer World in Merton, Devon. With such famous barometers on show as the Banfield Family Collection of Barometers there is plenty to see. Alongside the more traditional barometers the recent addition of ‘The Tempest Prognosticator’, described as a ‘complex and glorious extravaganza’, means that things at Barometer World have never been so exciting.

As well as the exhaustive barometer collections, you will have a chance to see the experienced barometer restoration team (known locally as the Barom-a-Doctors) at work. The gift shop sells an extensive collection of barometers for all levels of enthusiasm as well as an abundance of barometery literature.

For only £2.50 entry you’d be crazy not to go.

For more information of barometers check out Philip Collins (CEO of Barometer World) as he takes us through a few of his books on, you guessed it, barometers.

N.B. Skip to 1.12 for to hear about ‘Bizarre Barometers and Other Unusual Weather Forecasters’, apparently a ‘lighter read’ than his other books.

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