It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

It’s 4 days into December and I’m beginning to feel those Christmas vibes. Instead of dutifully plowing away at those winter deadlines, I have in fact been making handmade Christmas cards, meticulously planning and buying gifts, and decorating my cold student house. However, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and you need to take time out to enjoy the here and now (otherwise blink and the year will be over).

Hope you’re enjoying where I spent my essay-writing time

In that spirit, this week’s Editor’s Picks reflect some of the peaks of Christmas recreation; good TV, good art and good theatre. For the more thought-provoking, we have an article defending the philosophy of contemporary art and a review of student play ‘The Foreigner’. I don’t know about you, but theatre is a key part of Christmas for me, and seeing a Kings Lynn pantomime with my family is a long-held Christmas Eve tradition. For those of you who are more home-bodies, we have a review and discussion about the show ‘Reign’, and the problems with historical drama. ‘Tis the season for binge watching.

‘Tis mainly the season for giving though, and if you’re interested in giving back this Christmas (and not just those gifts you really want to refund) do give our Christmas charity article a read. If you’re not feeling Christmassy at all and this whole editorial makes you roll your eyes – perhaps an article on weird and wonderful scientific theories will do you instead.

Whatever you do – make some time for yourself this Advent, get out there and live a little. Deadlines can’t upstage memories.

Seasons Greetings,








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