On festive reflection and self-care

My flatmates and I have a running joke that it’s always colder in my room than it is outside. I’m currently sat at my desk with my window open in front of me, enjoying a cold breeze and a cup of mint tea. I’ll never take a jacket on a night out because I actually enjoy the brisk climate on the way there and back. I take cold showers all year round, and I’ve only turned my radiator on once this year. These facts say two things about me: I’m a bit weird, and I’m a cheap housemate (you’re welcome guys).

Without getting too existential, I think I like the cold so much because it keeps me mindful and in tune with the world around me. Having wind-blushed cheeks and watching my breath steam as I exhale makes me happy because I’m here, now, in this city, and I get to interact with it- crisp climate and all. This sentiment is echoed in one of our editors’ picks this week: Death as a Basic Component of Life. I would highly suggest giving it a read. Who doesn’t love a bit of humanism in this festive season, right? If this inspires you to carpe diem, why not check out some last minute European Breaks for Under £35, courtesy of the travel section? It really shocked me to find out that for the price I pay to fly home and back for Christmas, I could go to Madrid and take a friend! If I suddenly stop making an appearance at the library, odds are I’m in Barrio de Chueca having a cheeky tapas.

If you’re planning on staying here in the UK for an inevitably cold and soggy Christmas, and you’re the sort of (normal) person who rather likes being cosy in the current climate, our fashion section has you covered with a selection of this year’s top 10 Christmas jumpers. Some are classy, some are cheeky, a couple are delightfully garish- and all of them fabulous.

This week, The Bubble welcomed a new mental health-themed column. Our first article, Mental Health Matters: The Year Abroad, was very well-received- and with good reason. Mental health is a big issue, especially at universities, and I’m so glad we’re giving it due attention. The article details what it’s like to hit ‘rock bottom’, and the resources out there to help with recovery. Another article in our editors picks is Dating with Anxiety, which talks about how best to look after yourself in the world of love and dating when you struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety.

It’s easy to lose touch with deadlines looming, but please do take a moment for some self-care this festive season, and do a little bit more of what makes you feel happy and in the moment.

Best wishes, and look after yourselves!


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