We Need You!

…Well, maybe not your country, but your student newspaper is definitely keen.

Having your writing and opinions published for the world to scrutinise might seem like a daunting prospect. You may have considered writing for a student paper before, but be it deadlines, writers block or lack of experience, there’s always been something holding you back. Maybe you’re short on ideas or worried that your interests won’t fit in at a particular student newspaper. Fear not, The Bubble might just be the one for you.

The Bubble boasts an impressive twenty-four sections, so if you have an interest in anything from science to creative writing, politics to gaming, we need you. Our online magazine is produced entirely by students, which makes us flexible and open to any ideas you might have to offer. Each section publishes at least one article per week and sends out a weekly content call with suggestions for articles that you might want to consider. We love it when people come up with their own ideas but if you’re struggling then our editors are always available to help.

You don’t need to have previous experience of writing articles, and signing up to our mailing list doesn’t commit you to writing a weekly column. Whether you want to write a one off article or regular pieces, the opportunity is there. Our writers get involved in all areas of Durham life and our articles are read by hundreds of people every week, so if you have something interesting to say it’s a great way to test your ideas. Even if it’s a source of light relief from essays and dull 5pm lectures, it’s worth giving a go!

For any aspiring journalists out there, experience is an absolute must. It demonstrates interest, enthusiasm and a desire to set yourself apart from the crowd, and writing for The Bubble is a great place to start. Many of our writers and editors have gone on to secure work experience placements and internships at regional and national newspapers and their applications have been strengthened by previous writing experience. But even if journalism isn’t the career for you, writing for us is a great way to boost your CV.

Here’s what some of our editors think:

“As one of the General Editors of The Bubble, my role is quite challenging, definitely diverse but also very fulfilling. I work alongside a Senior Management Team and a large Editorial Board and make management as well as creative decisions. I’ve been proud to be involved with creating a new site for The Bubble this year and this is what I think one of the best parts of the job is: being able to contribute meaningfully to create change. It’s not an easy role, you have to be a good communicator and at times a diplomat, but it’s definitely worth considering for the excellent experience you can make of it.”

Lydia Light, General Editor.

“Last summer I completed work experience at The Guardian with the Books section, and they were some of the best weeks of my life. Not only did I get to see Andy Burnham and Jeremy Corbyn speak to gain our Labour leadership votes, attend the press conference for London Film and Comic Con (where I saw the cast of Back to the Future), meet some wonderful authors and gain a horde of books (which will have to wait until after my degree to be read…), I also got my first by-line for a national newspaper and produced a quiz which reached the front of The Guardian site, as well as writing a somewhat controversial article which was tweeted about by author Patrick Ness. As a wannabe journalist, these were career goals right there. The experience and skills I have gained from The Bubble definitely helped to not only score the placement, but also benefited me whilst I was there. Whilst applying, I was able to prove my writing skills and passion for journalism through my work at The Bubble, particularly with articles I have written for sections relevant to the section itself. My experience as a section editor also demonstrated my ability to research, fact-check, edit and develop ideas for articles – all of which were essential when pitching my own pieces to the editors and producing them! Working in a journalistic environment as part of a team also requires great communication skills, which I have developed as a Deputy Editor. All in all, I could not recommend being a part of The Bubble enough – no matter what career path you want to follow, it really will boost your employability.”

Jessie Honnor, Deputy Editor.

If you do want to get involved in writing for The Bubble, the email addresses for our sections are available on our website below, so please do get in touch! Happy writing!


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