Street Style Gallery: Back in Durham

We’re back in Durham, so it’s once again time to take to the streets and scout out the effortlessly fashionable, the uniquely quirky, and those who just make you stop and stare (in a good way, of course)! Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, the time has come to re-launch our Street Style mission!

This is a look which demonstrates how timeless style can meet youthful playfulness. Be inspired by the classic US sweatshirt sported by American jocks alike. Mix with perfectly fitted washed out skinny jeans to create a subtle British twist.

This look exudes chic comfort. The mixture of soft textures and the denim of the hipster dungarees makes this effortlessly retro. Note how the simple palette of blues prevents the outfit from looking dated or too infantile.

This is a lesson in layering blacks and greys. The result? A perfect nod to the grunge revival seen on the catwalks this season. The tousled hair, wellies and oversized leather biker jacket add to that laid back festival vibe.

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