Everything you need to do before the end of term

Our fair city

  1. Finish your Summatives (!)
    After a recent brush with what can only be described as ‘Summative Hell’ I would advise that you don’t leave sorting out your footnotes until several hours before the deadline. Or your bibliography. Or indeed, the main body of the text. Genuinely, however, finishing your essays and sorting out your other academic commitments early in the week will leave you with plenty of time to plan your revision over Easter (nervous laughter) as well as to experience the other joys of the last week of term…

Summatives are painful

  1. Notice the glazed look on everyone’s faces as you leave your final lecture of term
    Can anyone truly say that they pay full attention during this lecture? The prospect of eating food other than plain white pasta is so close you can almost reach out and touch it. Spiritually, you are already sat in your ‘home home’ with the heating turned all the way up and access to a shower which is not covered in your housemates’ collective filth. When you turn to your course friend on the way out, your question of ‘Did you understand any of…’ has already been answered by their ‘Not a clue, I was booking my train tickets.’
  1. Empty your bin
    When you return to Durham in just over a month, frazzled after your journey, the welcoming presence of rotting fruit, orange peel, pages of tear-stained essay plans and a plastic bottle or two will not be the reception you had hoped for. Save yourself the unpleasant job of addressing the potential host of ants and woodlice and begging them to leave – just take the bin out. It may be cold and wet outside, but future you will appreciate it.

A friendly slug pops in to say hello

  1. Get a good night’s sleep
    While, as a general rule, getting 8 hours sleep tends to be a good way to ensure that you are living your best life, in the last week of term this is truly essential. When your family welcome you, the prodigal child, back to the nest it’s wise to do all you can to avoid returning as a lethargic, hungover, panda-eyed husk of your former self. Sleep in, eat a banana, drink a pint of water and preserve their impression of you as a bright eyed and bushy tailed high-achieving genius who would never ever go to Klute the night before an internship interview…
  1. Prepare yourself for the Facebook onslaught
    Do you remember that day in February when you fell asleep in your 9 am seminar? No? Someone does. And that someone will probably, in the guise of a ‘friend’, and in the name of so-called ‘banter’, have their finger hovering over the ‘Upload’ button on a form of social media right now with the photographic evidence to prove it. You must be waiting, device in hand, sleeping with one eye open, to wipe all evidence of this from your profile, and indeed the face of the earth. But just as it seems you are spared the humiliation, here’s somebody else’s ‘Term 2’ album, and this time there’s a picture of you in Jimmy’s. But you haven’t been there since January?
  1. (Try to) Be nice
    It’s that time when those who have been your allies, your soulmates and your shoulders to cry on for the last eight weeks are suddenly the Most Annoying People On Earth. But hold it together, young one. Don’t send the passive aggressive message to the corridor group chat about the theft of your milk. Don’t snap when you suspect that your roommate is INEXPLICABLY HOARDING YOUR HAIR BOBBLES?!? Be calm. Be relaxed. Be nice.

But will the friendship survive the final week of term?

  1. Enjoy exam-free life…while it lasts
    When you’re competing for that coveted spot on the second floor of the Bill Bryson Library (the one with the nice view of the Cathedral), the sweet smell of VKs and freedom may seem but a distant memory. There will be time enough next term during the revision period to panic-scroll through JSTOR at 3am. Now is the time for dancing badly to poorly-remixed chart hits. Now is the time for Lloyds.
  1. Treat yourself
    It’s been a difficult term. When you first arrived, you were carting up your lovely, thoughtful Christmas presents of a stapler and some bed socks. The stapler is now lying broken under your desk, having magically lost its ability to staple mere moments before your lab report was due in. Considering this trauma, and all the others, now is a good time to use the remaining £20 in your bank account to do something nice. Go to Flat White. Get yourself the pretty top that’s been gloating at you from the window display in New Look. Reward yourself for surviving Epiphany Term – after all, you’ll be back here soon enough.



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