Bill Bryson Library development underway

Facilities in the East Wing will be matched across the whole library

A rolling programme of works will update the infrastructure in the older part of the library to bring it in line with the newly constructed East Wing.

The heating, lighting and ventilation systems will be replaced and the interior refurbished to improve the study environment. Levels 4, 3 and 1 will be cleared and renovated in turn.

As the construction work will involve updating the temperature control system, there will be times when parts of the building will be without heating or air conditioning.

Level 4 has already been cleared, and books with shelfmarks 001 – 339 have been moved to the East Wing on level 1.

Lesser-used store collections house on level 1 have been sent to an external store, although a weekly retrieval service will be available online. The Postgraduate Research Room on level 4 will remain open.

Dr Richard Pears, the Academic Liaison Librarian, commented: “The refurbishment is a major investment by the University in its library and study facilities for students.

“The construction programme takes full account of exam periods and no book moves or building work will take place during exams.”

Dr Pears was also keen to stress that the library could still meet increased demand at exam time.

“All of the PCs and most of the study desks from level 4 have been relocated elsewhere in the building, principally to the level 1 atrium and store area.

“During exam periods library staff proactively manage the use of study spaces to discourage desk-hogging and ensure that students who need to study in the library are able to do so.

“It should be noted that the building developments will not affect access to online library resources.”

All construction work will be completed by September 2015.

Tours of the Bill Bryson Library are on offer to all new students throughout Michaelmas term. Welcome stands will also be located near the main entrance offering information and freebies.

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