An introduction to Environment week

Lets all work together to look after our planet!

As you may of heard it is now university wide environment week in Durham, a time for the whole of the University to think about how to be more eco-friendly and promote a spirit among all to become more environment savvy. This week contains something for everybody, whether you are a food fanatic looking for free tasters at YUM (the Greenspace roadshow will be happening Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so keep an eye out for this), or are looking for a guided walk of the Botanical garden that our university is so lucky to be able to make use out of. As well as such University wide events colleges too will be hosting their own individual events, so there are many ways to get involved.

This week there will be a daily article in the Environment section to really get us all thinking about the environment during the week, as well as the incredibly wide range of events set up by Greenspace for both students and staff to get involved in. So don’t miss out, full schedules can be found on the University website by going to .

At present society faces huge problems, as a dramatically growing population our species is having a huge impact on the planet we all call home. But if we continue we will no longer be able to use our environment for the many things we all take for granted, for food, fuel, medicine and just the simple ability to be able to appreciate such incredible and beautiful areas, filled with an amazing diversity of creatures. I don’t wish to be pessimistic on this note, this is not what environment week is about, but the time has come to accept that change is necessary and needn’t be unpleasant, but could even be fun! So even if you have never cared about the environment before, sit up and listen to all the goings on this week and you might just realise its time to get involved.

If your in to films there are various films showing including ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, ‘Wall-E’ and ‘Avatar’. If you love to cook get yourself to the ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ on Wednesday, not only will you learn about environmentally friendly local sourced cooking but also how to cook on a budget. Another event for foodies is the ‘Food Coop’ on Friday, a chance to stock up on a range of items including fairtrade items at a reduced price. For those creative aspiring artists, get to the Environmental artwork workshop on Thursday go have a go at creating artwork based on poems about climate change. On Thursday various events for cyclists are going on, a bike sale as well as a clinic to get advice on repairs and maintenance. On Friday there will be ‘A Green Gospel’, Hatfield Evensong will be a great event for all. Or if you just want to relax and socialise go along to the Quiz night on Thursday at Ustinov including an environment round. If all that isn’t enough to entice you to get involved, there is a chance to win various gadgets from a solar-powered radio to reusable insulated mugs in ‘Ask, Suggest, Win!’ between 5th and 11th November, you can be entered into this prize draw by simply asking Greenspace a question or making a suggestion via various boxes located throughout the University.

The aim of this week is to promote the feeling that ‘Every small step leads to big change’, and this message really is important, it’s far too easy to think one small change won’t make a difference, but if we all group together as a University and make the change together those small changes might add up to a big change. Get involved and lets make this environment week the most exciting, enjoyable and most importantly effective environment week ever!

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