Charity Dating?

Love is in the air… but it’s all for a good cause!

As we wave goodbye to another successful DUCK week, it is pretty safe to say that most of you will be, by now, Ducked out. You will have had buckets thrown under your nose, seen your Facebook become swamped by DUCK events and had DUCK reps ‘kindly’ requesting that you take your clothes off for Mr and Mrs, but wasn’t it all for a good cause? Last year DUCK gave an astounding £660,393.22 to charity that will have not only have helped international organisations across the world but also more local charities here in Durham. We are hoping to raise even more this year! For the first time ever DUCK will be hosting an INTER-COLLEGIATE BLIND DATING event and we need you to get involved!

People often cringe at the very mention of Blind Dating; the idea of willingly attending an occasion where the likelihood of one or both parties crying is high, and so this seems to be a social situation we all choose to avoid. We live in a world obsessed by the awkward turtle. There seems to be an animal for every awkward situation, we rely on an amusing gesture to fuel the conversation in those rather more silent moments. I am no etiquette expert – if anything I fill my awkward silences with awkward talking – but surely there’s something exciting about meeting someone new that renders the inevitable awkwardness all a part of the game.

You may not find the love of your life, you may not even make a friend, but at least you can leave with an interesting story. We forget how easy it is to exchange pleasantries and how much, although we hate to admit it, we all enjoy talking about the weather. Whether we’ve just had snow or we haven’t seen snow in years one can always discuss the pros and cons of skiing to your lecture and then leave the date feeling satisfied that the awkward salmon did not rule.

This is where you come in; between the 5th – 8th March, Durham will be thrown into a Blind Dating frenzy with thousands of students making the bold move to meet someone new in the name of Charity. Some thrill seekers like to bungee Jump, others maybe skydive, but I would argue that nothing can beat that first adrenalin fuelled moment when you meet your blind date and are left in a quandary as to whether a kiss on the cheek or a hug would be more appropriate. My advice, make light of the situation; a simple hand shake is not only funny but safe, as I promise you cannot accidentally kiss their ear.

The concept of the event is simple; you sign up online at, pay £5, and fill in our application form. We then pair you up and send you off to on what could be the date of your dreams. Maybe you fancy double dating, maybe you just want to meet someone from Queen’s Campus or maybe you are just looking for a bit of a laugh; we can accommodate (within reason) for all tastes. We even take requests! If you wish to splash the cash we will make every effort to partner you up will that blonde bartender from Cuths or a hunky looking DU rower and If you are really feeling generous you could bag yourself a date with Miss Durham 2011!

The whole event will be very casual. You will be surrounded by students on equally as awkward dates and if it really looks like it’s taken a turn for the worse, who’s to say you can’t just switch! DUCK will of course be waiting with baited breath to hear about how the date has gone; come to Varsity afterwards and reveal all! Durham Blind Dating looks set to be the biggest event of the year with loved up couples in the making, new friendships to be formed across campus and some excellent footage to be taken of people trying to attempt the awkward salmon at a table at Spags! Join in the fun!


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