What to expect when you’re expecting: 2017 Golden Globes edition

73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards: NBC

The Golden Globes have a reputation of being the drunk, brash cousin to the Emmys and the Oscars. It is, as Tina Fey says, a night where the beautiful people of film sit with the rat-faced people of television. And even if you are not convinced by that, a tipsy, foul-mouthed Ricky Gervais with a drink in his hand should do the trick (or, look no further than the fact that potty-mouthed Deadpool is nominated for Best Film – Comedy this year).

The Golden Globe Film Awards are often indicative of how the Oscars will pan out. What about television awards then? The Emmys are far apart from the Golden Globes, which is why the latter is usually inconsequential. Be that as it may, a combination of outrageously funny hosts over the past few years and the free drinks have largely ensured fairly entertaining shows.

The Golden Globe nominations were announced yesterday and, as is the custom, these nominations were full of deserved accolades, snubs and surprises.

For me, the biggest snubs are the ones given to The Americans. No Best TV Series (Drama) or Best Supporting Actress for Alison Wright? Seriously? Lesser so was the exclusion of Tatiana Maslany and Robin Wright for their work on Orphan Black and House of Cards respectively. Even less so is the lack of love shown for Jon Snow (who had his best season ever) and Eleven for Stranger Things.

Photo: Netflix

That said, I don’t mind usual contenders like Orange Is the New Black, The Good Wife and Downtown Abbey being left out of the running this year.

Anyway, here’s a rundown of what I predict will happen in the television categories on that January night.

Another dry run for Thrones?

Game of Thrones ruled the Emmys with the largest Emmy haul in a single night, beating arguably one of the greatest shows ever written, The West Wing. However, if history is any indication, GoT has its work cut out. GoT has never won Best TV Drama at the Globes (A travesty if you ask me), and has only one major win over the years. It’s nominated again this time but, considering it’s up against the immensely popular Stranger Things and the lavish, Netflix production The Crown, it’s a tough call.

Photo: HBO

I would say Lena Headey is a shoo-in for a Globe this year but, if you’ve seen Thandie Newton in Westworld, you know why I won’t bet on it.

OJ scores a touchdown

I thought American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson was brilliant. Not only did it do justice to the ‘trial of the century’, but it was also a shockingly disturbing lens into the civil-law enforcement relationships and race relations in the United States, something which has only grown more urgent these past few years. It deserves every one of the nominations. I’d say Best Miniseries or TV Movie is a cinch. So is Sarah Paulson’s tour-de-force performance in OJ.

Photo: FX Network

I loved The Night Manager but hey, everyone knows it doesn’t stand a chance this year.

No love for The Americans. Again

The Americans has arguably been one of the best (If not the best) dramas on television for a while now. Sharply scripted, impeccably made and brilliantly acted, The Americans has been a favorite of critics and wig enthusiasts for ages but has not received much love or recognition in return. This year has been different, with nominations in the Emmys as well as in the Golden Globes.

Will the show open its account this year? Unlikely. Not that Rhys and Russell don’t deserve it. They have been brilliant but, they face stiff competition from more popular contenders like Bob Odenkirk for Better Call Saul and Claire Foy for The Crown.

Photo: FX Network

Jimmy Fallon underwhelms

I enjoy Jimmy Fallon. I really do. But, we all know he has some big shoes (and heels) to fill. Ricky Gervais, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were brilliant hosts, which is why Fallon is going to have his work cut out. I’m sure he won’t be bad or disappointing but, to be on the same level as the previous few years is too much to expect. Sorry, Jimmy.

Some love for Atlanta?

Atlanta has arguably been one of the best new shows of 2016 and it was deservedly awarded with nominations in both Best Actor and Best TV Series (Comedy) categories. Winning in both categories is too much to ask for. One of them, probably not. My bet is on Best Actor for Donald Glover, even though he is up against Jefferey Tambor. Sure, they can nick Best TV Series as well but, I don’t see it beating both Transparent and Veep.

That’s my take on what to expect at next month’s Golden Globes. If I’m wrong, well, sue me.

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