A Fresher Writes Home…

After the folly of Fresher’s and the quiet chaos of the first few lectures, it is finally time to write home. Of course, it’s preferable to do so when you’re neither studying, drunk, or hungover, which leaves a rather short period of time. And since I’d rather spend that half hour on Tuesdays sleeping in preparation for my night out, I’ve been writing some e-mails home.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Freshers was great!

I was a bit nervous when I first got here and realised everyone had a higher tolerance for alcohol than I did, but I’ve been catching up fine by binge drinking almost every night.

I’ve been meeting lots of people (don’t worry, none of them from Hatfield). Some of them can’t remember my name, but to be fair I don’t think they remember much of Freshers. I’m confident I’m making some lifelong friendships. Turns out holding someone’s hair while they throw up really brings people closer together!

I’m all ready to work now, as you’ll have noticed by the hundred pounds worth of textbooks I charged on your card. I had to use your account because it’s been a bit hard to make ends meet, despite the £1.80 pints in the college bar. It really isn’t my fault, I just thought my food budget would be lower, considering my fully catered accomodation. I forgot to take into account the most important meal of the day: Paddy’s after a night out. By the way, I would greatly appreciate you sending some more cash so I can go to Loft this Friday.

My lectures so far have been great, except for that 9am on Thursdays, which I still haven’t been able to line up with my sleeping schedule. I’ve been reading a lot on my subject (and surprisingly still enjoy it). Did you know I can read a hundred pages a day if I don’t sleep too much? I didn’t. I’m not too sure I like this information.

My room is nice. Definitely worth the seven grand and a half I pay for it! The showers all work, although you have to stretch a little if you want to get your legs wet (unless someone used it before you, in which case the hair clogging the shower lets the water level raise to about mid calf). I feel very connected to my neighbours, for example when they open the tap at three in the morning and the noise of the pipes wakes me up. We have a kitchen too, or at least I think the room covered in dirt is a kitchen. It certainly has a kettle and something that I’m fairly sure is a microwave, but could also be Michael from the second floor.

College food is fine. I didn’t know you could cook potatoes so many different ways. I’ve seen some vegetables around somewhere. It could also just have been ketchup, but I’m keeping my hopes up.

Durham is a very safe environment. None of my things have been stolen, even if my room has been unlocked since I lost my keys on the second night. I live in constant fear that the cleaning ladies will lock my door and I will be outside. Forever.

All in all, uni has been great. I miss you. Send love to Grandma, and please confirm she’s alive. She still hasn’t answered any of my messages.



Your daughter

PS: Please send clothes. Laundry did not go well.


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