DU Sportsman: ‘I was turned away from the job, despite wearing stash’

A Hatfield student expressed outrage to The Bubble this week, after the news that he had been turned down for a role at a major city accountancy firm, despite wearing his ‘prestigious’ DU stash for the interview. He complained of the lack of respect that the interviewers showed, even though the Team Durham badge on his tracksuit was clearly on display. The philosophy student explained that his fellow students are often left ‘slack-jawed’ when he models his DU tracksuit on the Bailey.

A spokesperson from the company told The Bubble: ‘Maybe no one told him that people in the real world don’t give a shit if you decided to get up at 6 o’clock every morning for three years to kick a ball around a muddy field. We’d rather you had a 2:1.’

He responded: ‘I’m not fussed to be honest, Daddy’s a partner at Ernst & Young, so I can just get a job there’.

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