Everything you need to know about DICCU story week

An evening session in the marquee at last year’s event.

You may have seen the grey sweatshirts floating around in your colleges and lectures, and are starting to wonder what this STORY thing is. This is your definitive guide to the week ahead and all the proceedings. STORY debuted last year, an event run by DICCU- that’s the Durham Inter- Collegiate Christian Union to those not in the know, and it was established way back in 1931. They state on their website that their common goal is, ‘giving every student in the university the chance to respond to Jesus.’ The event, which started on Monday, aims to engage people with the Christian faith through a relaxed environment of swapping stories. 

I spoke to Charis Cheesman, a 2nd year Van Mildert student who has been a member of DICCU since joining Durham last year. On the story- telling concept Charis explained, “Everyone can engage with the question, ‘what’s your story?’, faith or no faith, which is what I think makes it so great.” Clearly the event reaches far and wide, as 4,000 Durham students attended last year. As a result, Charis said that “there was almost no question about hosting it again, fresh for 2017.”

Asking around  I found a great deal of enthusiasm ahead of this week, and got an insight in to what is so exciting about this event. Ed Creedy, a 2nd year Hild Bede student, described his excitement thus: “I guess I’d say I’m excited for Story this week because for me being a Christian is the biggest thing in my life so I’m excited to have my friends come along and hear about Jesus- because I thin it’s the best news to be heard!” Whilst chatting to people in Trevelyan College Mari- Liis Duglas stated, “I am so excited for STORY. I think it will be a week filled with so much food for thought (and actual free food!), interesting discussions and truly getting to know people beyond the surface level. I am looking forward to seeing the people of Durham come together to hear and discuss the Christian story that has impacted my own life, and the lives of so many others, so significantly.” Harry Jennings expressed similar curiosity to meet others as he said, “It’ll be a great chance to meet other Christian university students and hear stories from people of all different walks of life.” It seems that this event will provide an excellent opportunity to meet new people who you may find you have a lot in common with. 

So what does this event entail? From Monday to Friday the STORY marquee will be in action between 12 and 4pm, tempting you along with quality coffee. It will be located on Choristers school field, opposite the New Inn pub. Go along at lunchtime for talks and Q&A sessions, with topics discussed in the following order: 

  • Monday: A meaningless story? 
  • Tuesday: Isn’t the Bible just a book of myths? 
  • Wednesday: A restrictive story?
  • Thursday: A hopeless story?
  • Friday: A delusional story?

And even if lunchtimes aren’t feasible, the evenings will feature inspiring stories from five individuals for whom connecting with the Christian faith changed their life. A musician, a former gang- leader, a banker, an entrepreneur and a student will all tell their personal story in what will surely be an unforgettable experience of great magnitude. Therefore whether you have faith or are simply curious, get stuck in with DICCU’s STORY week. 

DICCU have set up a specific website to tell you all you need to know, which you can find at http://story.diccu.co.uk.


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