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We had the privilege of sending across some questions to Clean Bandit’s Grace Chatto, the groups songstress. Not many chart-topping bands have a founding that mirrors that of Clean Bandit, the group was formed at Cambridge University. The group have since scored a series of number ones and look to do so with their new single!


Bubble: How are things with the label?

Grace (Clean Bandit): We love all the people we work with at the label, as people, so that helps: we have a lot of fun and laughter with them.


Bubble: How do you facilitate songs with guest artist?

Grace (Clean Bandit): It totally depends, and is different with everyone. Sometimes we pounce on singers when we think they have the perfect voice for the song. Some say yes but some don’t answer the phone lol


Bubble: Do artists approach you to work with them?

Grace (Clean Bandit): Not really, we tend to approach them.


Bubble: Are you regularly in contact with the artists you work with?

Grace (Clean Bandit): Yes most of them. We went out with Sean Paul in London recently, and we see all the others at festivals around Europe.


Bubble: What is the most unique orchestral instrument you’ve featured in a track?

Grace (Clean Bandit): I think the only orchestral instruments we’ve used have been cello, viola and violin.


Bubble: Which brother is stronger?

Grace (Clean Bandit): Strange question, not sure. I will challenge them both to an arm wrestle and let you know. They are both very strong-willed


Bubble: What are your thoughts on streaming? (you have had some good playlists on Spotify )

Grace (Clean Bandit): I enjoy streaming but it is a strange new world.


Bubble: How would you like your fans to listen to music? 

Grace (Clean Bandit): With the music video – it is often one.


Bubble: What have you listened to recently that you’ve liked and you’d recommend for fans to have a listen to?

Grace (Clean Bandit): African Queen – DJ paparazzi


Bubble: What sort of things influence your projects excluding politics?

Grace (Clean Bandit): Love, joy and emotional pain: the classics


Bubble: How and when do you write songs? Do you sit down and dedicate time to just writing songs and doing nothing but that?

Grace (Clean Bandit): Yes most days when not on tour, we are in the studio specifically to write songs. But it can happen any other time too. Rather Be was written during a train journey on the London Underground.


Bubble: Is there anything else that You’d like to mention? 

Grace (Clean Bandit): Not really. New single coming soon: watch this space! And thanks everyone, for listening to our music: we appreciate it.

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