The Headliners No. 5

Doesn’t look like any words are coming out…

There has certainly been a lot to catch up on since the last ‘Headliners’ so here are my thoughts on the music news of the past month… watch out for some serious shockers.

The one that I surprised myself with: As with any other musician, standing up and performing alone in front of an examiner or equally-as-judging figure for music exams or competitions is a given. A horrible experience that takes me many days (and chocolate bars) to get over, but one that we all must do. So when I heard that there were rumors of my idol, Beyoncé, lip-synching at Obama’s inauguration ceremony, I was saddened, verging on personally let-down. I didn’t want to give up on such an important figure in my inspiration for female-empowerment and so wanted to read why a woman with such a flawless voice would justify this. I thought lip-synching was for ‘pop-stars’ with nice hair but no musical ability? Quotes from Beyonce on ‘Yahoo! News’ gave me hope though; I was surprised to feel that I almost agreed with her justification and pleased to conclude that she hasn’t moved to the dark-side of other modern singers.

The one that made me giggle: NME posted their ’25 funniest music tweets of 2012’ which I absolutely loved. Laughing at idiotic comments is always funny, but laughing at stupid comments from musicians who are taking themselves extremely seriously is even better. (Follow the link if you want an intelligence-based ego-boost.)

The one that I felt proud of: Anyone following HMV on twitter may have noticed a few stray and slightly controversial tweets on Thursday. After going in to administration and ordering a mass firing of 60 staff members below senior management, an employee tweeted several proactive objections in a protesting demonstration against the illiteracy of the senior members of staff with regards to running a modern company, in particular social media. Revealing herself as Poppy Rose Cleere, HMV’s (previous) social media planner, I felt proud that someone had the guts to stand up for an important cause for others, who perhaps had too much to risk to make a controversial stand against the company. Read the NME to see the tweets themselves, including: “Just overheard our Marketing Director (he’s staying, folks) ask ‘How do I shut down Twitter?’”.

The one that got me You-Tubing: News of MTV’s ‘Brand New for 2013’ winner spurred me on to a You-Tube rampage to see what I thought of her. 19 year-old Ebony Day claimed the title this year, beating Tom Odell, Kodaline and Gabrielle Aplin- the latter two of which were very strong contenders in my eyes and so I had to pursue this new, unknown name. Impressively, Ebony is the first ever unsigned artist to win the competition, following artists such as Jessie J, Adele, Florence and the Machine, and last year’s winner, Conor Maynard. After listening to a fair few of her covers and as a strong personal advocate of acoustic music, I sadly wasn’t overwhelmed. Of course I wish I had her voice, but alongside Jessie Ware, Gabrielle Aplin and other very talented young female singers emerging recently, I’m not sure she’s original enough to reach the top of my Most-Played. Have a listen and see what you think.

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