The Bubble Playlist No. 5

The soundtrack to your exams.

Can we get one of these in the library?

You Got the Love – Florence and the Machine (xx remix)

“The classically uplifting tune, given a typically ‘xx’ transformation; soothing vocals and a stripped down instrumental (a distinctly lower amount of harps!) make this the ultimate in chilled revision songs.”

James Day

Sheila Jordan – Dat Dere

“In this smooth reading, Sheila Jordan uses her voice like a jazz instrument and really captures the insatiable curiosity behind this childlike song. Accompanied only by bass, this is undeniably cool.”

Jonathan Penny

Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight

“The first song off their forthcoming second album – Friendly Fires are tighter than ever and still sound like nothing else out there. This uplifting and euphoric track is set to be the soundtrack to the festival summer.”

Richard Crampton

Powerplant – Radioactivity

“Sort of electronic, sort of classical, sort of neither. Led by ‘genre-trashing’ young percussionist Joby Burgess, Powerplant extract music and make it uniquely theirs. What is essentially a cover of a Kraftwerk song, takes four men behind laptops to beautiful string arrangements, edgy percussion and innovative electronics.”

Dan Jeffries

The Specials – Too Much Too Young (live version)

“Almost an anthem for a conservative-minded generation – a happy, bouncing melody speaks out against teenage pregnancies with some downright offensive lyrics ‘Ain’t he cool, No he ain’t, He’s just another burden on the welfare state’. Add in a ska guitar part, a manic bass line and a nice post-chorus rock section and the result is a song that fully deserved its time on top of the UK singles chart.”

Jonny Knowles

Ingrid Michaelson – The Way I Am

“Light, un-profound and perfect for concentrating on something else. That’s not to say it’s bad: a great voice, quirky lyrics, sing-along harmonies and clapping bits characterise most of her best songs. If you like ‘The Way I Am’, I would also recommend ‘The Hat’, ‘Maybe’ and ‘You and I’. You’ll soon be putting down your pen and clapping along.”

Joanna Heath

Jim White – Still Waters

“Don’t let the gentleness of this song fool you, if you listen carefully the lyrics are dark and twisted. Jim White is a little known artist here in the UK, but his brand of Americana is both thought provoking and moving. He seems to have a soft spot for Gateshead, performing at the Sage and The Little Theatre, so if you like what you hear, I’d definitely recommend trying to see him live.”

Melissa Chaplin

XV ft. Miami Horror – Foreign Exchange Student

“American rapper XV adds a few clever lines to Holidays, Miami Horror’s ultimate feel-good song from last year. It is sure to make you think of the light at the end of the exams tunnel, when you’ll finally be whiling away those three long summer months away from the library.”

Marie Neirynck

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