The Bubble Playlist No. 4

The soundtrack to your Easter

The Bubble Jukebox

The Sound of Arrows – Nova

“This first single from the band’s debut LP shows off the power of Swedish electronic music to make your existence feel epic. Not to worry – follow a blind listen with a quick watch of the video and you’ll be back to feeling ridiculous.”

Max Mackay

Final Fantasy – This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine

“From everyone’s favourite RPG-inspired band comes this ridiculously moreish ode to the Butlers, the couple from that Arcade Fire. Gets more under your skin than a scarab beetle in The Mummy.”

Ned French

Smash Mouth – All Star

“One of the greatest feel-good songs of our generation – happy (if slightly nonsensical) lyrics combine with a catchy melody over a syncopated guitar line to create a well-balanced modern pop song, complete with some interesting vocal distortion effects and even a whistle solo. I defy anyone, no matter how down they’re feeling, to not crack a smile and sing along when this song comes on. And let’s not forget, this song MADE the opening of Shrek.”

Jonny Knowles

Elbow – Lippy Kids

“This is the track that gives Elbow’s new album Build A Rocket, Boys! its title. Garvey’s soaring vocals give this chilled out track a great film score sort of feel. It perfectly captures the feeling of summer round the corner, and has elements of some of Elbow’s earlier work from Asleep in the Back. If you’re stressing about revision and deadlines, take the six minutes and five seconds this track lasts to close your eyes and breathe – trust me you’ll feel much better!”

Melissa Chaplin

The Moons – Don’t Go Changin’

“Indie doesn’t have the greatest reputation as being original, but this has something different about it. Sounds a tad like old-school Franz, but on the whole refreshingly different.”

Ron Walker

Low – When I Go Deaf

“In the week Low release a new album tipped as a return to form, it seems fitting to return to a track that epitomises this form; even if it was a change of direction and new super-charged sound for the husband and wife duo from Minnesota. Melodies that will move you, soft guitars that will enchant you, loud guitars that will thrill you: all the elements combined to make something that is so distinctly Low.”

Dan Jeffries

James Rhodes – La Tombeau de Couperin by Maurice Ravel

“James Rhodes is not loved by everyone in the Classical music world. But this is because he’s doing something that many are hypocritically scared of: making classical music accessible! His indie-boy image, ferocious playing style and unique interpretations make solo piano works such as this exciting to a younger non-informed audience, whilst offering something new to the old-guard.”

Ted Beneger

Don Ross – Crazy

“This instrumental cover of Gnarls Barkley’s smash hit “Crazy” by Canadian guitarist Don Ross is energetic and chilled in equal measure. Great for a different take on a classic of the 00s, the inventive use of solo acoustic guitar sets this one apart.”

Joel Catchatoor

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