The Bubble Playlist No. 3

Tired of the same old music? Try something new.

The Bubble Jukebox

Silver Swans – Secrets

“According to their MySpace this track is representative of French, Italian and Spanish pop. Before all you MLAC students get excited, the song feels a bit moody to be Mediterranean (the first lyric asks ‘Are you happy?’) and the band are based in San Francisco. Perhaps a clearer genre definition comes from RCRD LBL – slow motion disco-pop”

Max Mackay

Billie Holiday – I’m A Fool To Want You

“Smooth, dreamy and deliciously melancholic – a classic track from the incomparable Lady Day. Kick back, grab a bar of Galaxy (other confectionery is available) and lose yourself in a halcyon reverie for a little while. But not for too long – those essays won’t write themselves you know!”

Ted Beneger

Luke Vibert – Wow! It’s Now!

“‘Luke Vibert’ aka ‘Wagon Christ’ aka ‘Plug’ aka ‘Kerrier District’ aka ‘The Ace Of Clubs’ aka ‘Amen Andrews’ aka ‘Spac Hand Luke’ aka ‘Butler Kiev’ does what he does best and lays down a tasty groove. Taken from Viberts 2009 release ‘Rhythm’, Wow! It’s now is a great example of Hiphop-influenced downtempo electronica. (Wow wow wow wow)”

Tom Adams

Foo Fighters – Times Like These

“As their new single ‘Rope’ does the rounds online, this is a reminder of the kind of upbeat, powerful, classic-rock tinged anthem which makes Foo Fighters so great. Take a break from the essays and lab reports, listen and smile.”

Sarah Parkin

Alberta Cross – Low Man

“Really this is just one of those tracks that sticks in your head for hours on end however much you try and shake it out. But in a good way. Not an irritating ‘we buy any car’ kind of way. [Ohhhh, now I’ve got that stuck in my head instead.]”

Isobella Sutton

Crystal Castles – Year Of Silence

“Equal parts hypnotic and deranged, this sublime, dark and brooding slice of electro makes superb use of a Sigur Ros vocal sample. For full unsettling beauty, best listened to on headphones in a dark, deserted forest.”

Richard Crampton

The Bronx – Six Days A Week

“Hard rock for the modern day. Catchy riffs, shouty (and yet melodic) vocals and a helluva lot of energy!”

Tim Barrow

Kevin Coyne – House On The Hill

“An impassioned criticism of the treatment of London’s homeless, unemployed and mentally ill, filled with the lyrical acerbity that set Coyne apart from his contemporaries. Music at its most necessary, with a message that we’d do well to heed today.”

Jonty Carr

Mumford & Sons – Dust Bowl Dance

“Anthemic and culminating in a crescendo of harsh vocals, piano and drums, it eclipses any other song on their impressive ‘Sigh No More’.”

James Day

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