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James Vincent McMorrow – This Dark Old Machine

“Dublin singer-songwriter James Vincent McMorrow captures something beautiful in ‘This Dark Old Machine’. Wonderfully emotive, with influences of 60s west coast folk, it’s intense but never overwrought and effortlessly takes you on a journey that leaves you breathless.”

Joel Catchatoor

Jamie xx – Far Nearer

“Not even a whisper from Gil Scott-Heron on this full version of a track partially uncovered last year. Never before have steel drums made me melancholic. Grateful to for posting this – do check out their introduction to Post-Dubstep if you’ve got a spare 33 minutes.”

Max Mackay

Wild Beasts – All The King’s Men

“Four minutes of irresistibly catchy falsetto weirdness and strange ‘Ooo’ noises, their unique vocal style and keen sense of pop make Wild Beasts one of the standouts of the recent crop of innovative British bands.”

James Lishman

Clint Mansell – Death Is The Road To Awe

“Composed and produced by Clint Mansell, ‘Death is the Road to Awe’ is heard at the climax of the film The Fountain (Darren Aronofski, 2006). Combining his minimalist compositional style with the widescreen sounds of post rock, Mansell has created something huge and beautiful – particularly in the context of the film. Performed by Mogwai and the Kronos Quartet.”

Tom Adams

Blur – Girls and Boys

“The finest single on ‘Parklife’; with a throbbing baseline and possibly the catchiest chorus in the whole of the 90s, it is undoubtedly the very epitome of Britpop. Glasto ’09 anyone?”

James Day

Athletes in Paris – Borrowed Time

“This Geordie 5-piece are still fairly unknown, but that is surely soon to change. Catchy melodies and expertly executed harmonies combines with funky hair and retro hi-tops to create a truly stunning live performance. This is currently their only recorded song and as well as making great use of the auxiliary percussion player, singer Matt’s voice is perfectly suited to this chilled indie tune.”

Tim Barrow

PJ Harvey – The Last Living Rose

“Behind the slow build up around a single, simple guitar riff and the gorgeous vocal lies a devastating critique of our dear nation – with Harvey’s England full of ‘stinking alleys’ and ‘drunken beatings’. Two and a half minutes of bittersweet beauty.”

Richard Crampton

Frank Turner – Photosynthesis

“Finalists! Are you suddenly realising that the post-graduation ‘grow up and get a job’ plan doesn’t really appeal to you? This could be your song, courtesy of the best lyricist of his generation.”

Sarah Parkin

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