The Bubble Playlist No.17: Will’s Summer Playlist

The Bubble promises that summer will eventually come to Britain, and possibly to the the North East as well. In anticipation of sun, Will Clothier picks some of the songs that say summer to him…

Nina Simone – Here Comes The Sun

This cover combines one of my favourite voices ever with one of the best Beatles melodies, wrapped up in the feeling of change that summer brings.

Maroon 5 – This Love

I’m not sure why this song reminds me of summer so much. I think it might be because I heard it performed at T4 On The Beach on TV. Anyway, great pop songs belong best in summer.

The Corrs – Summer Sunshine

The Corrs were another of my teenage bands, and they were queens of sugary choruses. If nothing else, watch the video for how out of place Jim Corr looks, lurking in the background behind his sisters.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

This was played on a loop on by my friends on my last summer holiday, so I can’t separate it from summer. It’s also a great song.

The Cardigans – Lovefool

The catchy disco beat is sweet and the chorus is 90s pop all over – how sly of Nina Persson to disguise desperate lyrics with such a summery tune.

Santana ft. Rob Thomas – Smooth

One of the songs of my childhood, and really, it is smooth.

Michael Buble – Feeling Good

Talking of smooth. “Sun in the sky, you know how I feel…” There was one summer years ago when I used to listen to this every day.

Duffy – Mercy

Again, a song I heard over and over around the time of a summer holiday, along with Warwick Avenue, which will always remind me of the sun and the wind.

Jonsi – Go Do

It’s got the energy of late spring and the vibrancy of summer. “Tie strings to clouds… we should always know that we can do everything”. I really love it, and played it in the winter to remind me of summer.

Kent – Jag Ser Dig

One for this year – when the sun comes out, I will be listening to this all summer. “Shut out reality, baby close your eyes, and do you hear the melodies in the night sky…”

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