The Bubble Playlist No.16: Ollie’s Summer Playlist

As exams reach their closing time, the open expanse of the summer beckons. Oliver White goes through his core summer songs that reflect his version of summer euphoria as well as pure laziness.

Len- Steal My Sunshine

Probably the ultimate 90’s nostalgia hit, makes me want to ride bikes, a lot.

Joanna Newsom- The Sprout and the Bean

This is the one I wake up to in the late morning, with the sun peeking through the curtains and absolutely nothing that needs doing for the whole day.

The Beta Band- Dry the Rain

A totally blissful song that just keeps giving and makes the smoothest transition from chill to head-bopper when the drum kicks in.

Andrew Bird- Oh No

Another shamelessly lethargic song, just wallowing in its own lightness.

Four Tet- Hands

This wonderfully disordered song seems to just flow in its own way, check out the video if you fancy being spaced out.

Silver Jews- Sleeping is the Only Love

Perhaps one of the best love-songs ever, but the Silver Jews never make it easy.

Nick Drake- Time has Told Me

This guy has to turn up somewhere on everyone’s summer schedule, and what better than this beautiful opener into his catalogue?

Deerhunter- He Would Have Laughed

This beautiful closer on their latest album kept me occupied for the whole of last summer, this last minute and a half is incredible.

Leonard Cohen- Suzanne

You just need a few seconds before going ethereal, a timeless great.

Stephen Malkmus- Jo Jo’s Jacket

A great song to dance to.

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