Review: RedFaces at ThinkTank Newcastle

Think Tank underground has built itself a reputation as a venue that ‘up and coming’ artists have to play when they come to the North East. Some go on to bigger things and end up playing up the road at the O2 Academy and furthermore achieving ‘stardom’ whereas others dwindle into the abyss. Based on their live performance alone RedFaces look set to be in the latter category. Some bands do fall in love with the venue and continue to come back because of the intimate feel the venue provides namely Superfood who happen to be playing there on the 9th of October.

The two opening acts set the mood a rather jubilant tone was set, the crowd was meagre and yet mighty . Despite the small crowd the Sheffield band were very professional, having played in bands on circuits that generally have small crowds and I know that it can be easy to just treat such gigs like a practice session. The nascent band refrained from doing so their energy levels where insane a special mention has to go out to their bassist whose energy was palpable and inseminated to the rest of the band and thus the crowd.


The set order was constructed perfectly and can’t be faltered. For most of their set, they were pretty distinguishable from their Sheffield contemporary’s they’re influences are definitely more evident on their recordings. The stand out track from the bands set was ‘Wise Up’, the balance within the band was superb they gelled fairly well, having said that their lead guitarist appeared to be distant compared to the other members this isn’t a criticism it was just evident purely because of the extent of the tightness and banter flowing between the other members.


It was clear that it was the bands first time at the rodeo they displayed their experience in numerous ways, they didn’t fall into the trap that many young bands do. One thing that particularly stood out was their awareness and alertness this was evident in their seemingly seamless transitions between songs. Their drummer would often just start playing a song and his bandmates would not seem at all startled, the band also did well to continue playing in spite of a spate of technical difficulties with an amp Microphone.


The band recently released the single take it or leave it, it was superb live, they’re bass lead tracks were always a treat and with a bassist as talented and personable as theirs it’s not a surprise.

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