Review: INHEAVEN at KU bar Stockton

An eerie voice bounded out of the speakers crooning that “ In heaven everything is fine” the David lynch song from ’Eraserhead’ featured as a call to prayer or music rather.  Those at the bar began to nag bartenders to hurry up and get their Vodka and Cokes, the four South Londoners leapt on stage and assumed their positions amidst a sea of Doc martens and Vans.

inheaven pale waves

Prior to that they had the Mancunians Pale Waves open for them as support. The band has in an intrinsic role in the outcome of the night. KU bar is a small but relatively new venue and it thus fell upon the bands to add a bit of character to the night. I was baffled by the presence of families attending it was clear that all the bands playing had a job on their hands. Members of all the bands interacted with the crowd, they each saw each other play amongst their fans and were quite hospitable to their fans. I hadn’t experienced anything like it, whilst the room was sparsely populated it was by no means empty, the spirit that each of the bands bought with them ensured that.


Pale Waves set up their instruments in a bit of a frenzy but when their lead singer took centre stage the band looked as if they were regulars at Ku. They ran threw a their list infectious indie-pop tunes barely breaking a sweat. Their bassist had a bass face that Este Haim would be proud of and if you his slapping then you would understand why – they grooved like there was no tomorrow. Having said that, their guitarist was a tad rigid but musically on the ball. couldn’t have picked a better act to play before the.  References to them and the B-town scene are often drawn and I can see why but the band have developed their own character and brand. Their lead singer brings with her a voice that the indie scene currently lacks.  The bleakness of her voice superimposed the lead guitarists upbeat pentatonic licks.


The first act however were Teeside’s very own grunge band Flowermouth. They were decent. They attempted to engage the crowd however people were still walking in and were more interested in getting their first drinks. It was a hard slot but they did fairly well.


Thanks to Pale Waves, Inheaven didn’t have to do much to hype up the crowd. They walked on and lead singer thanked the two bands that had proceeded them he then proceeded to thank fans for coming to their tour seeing as it was the last night of it. They then powered into ‘regeneration’ the lyrics were easy to pick up and by the last chorus the vast majority of the crowd were singing back at the band. The fun they were having was palpable, they organised their set list immaculately, as meagre as it sounds the order of a set can be the downfall of a new bands set. They mixed songs that the audience were likely to know amongst new songs successfully, this was evident as their lead singer made a point of stating songs that fans would know. ‘Baby’s alright’ and ‘Drift’ were the highlights of their performance, their bassist engaged with fans and enhanced their performance. It’s easy to see why Julian Casablancas loves them.

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