New Music Monday – HONNE, Asking Alexandria, The Amazons, and Foxing

Honne – Warm On a Cold Night

By Laura Hely Hutchinson

Music video for ‘Warm on a Cold Night’

Comfort food during the winter months can help lessen the intensity of the temperature dropping below zero, but tomato soup can only get you so far; this is where the genre of ‘comfort music’ steps in to truly keep me cosy when five layers can’t. One of my favourite comfort songs for chilly evenings is ‘Warm on a Cold Night’ by HONNE (a Japanese word, meaning ‘true feelings’). The song is the first single the South London based duo brought out prior to releasing two successful EPs. Opening with lo-fi radio sounds and jazz-fuelled background music the piece immediately feels nostalgic, as if you were sitting in a car at night thinking and not wanting to leave the heated car to enter the cold dark night. Warm RnB influenced synths and beats are accompanied by soft James Blake-esque vocals bringing forward simply smooth but touching vocals that anyone can relate to. Despite the calmness of the track, a remix of the song by Embody means that the song isn’t only reserved for bed time listening and also gets me warmed up for nights out.

Asking Alexandria – The Black

By Harriet Cunningham

Music video for ‘The Black’

Asking Alexandria released a video for their latest single ‘The Black’ this week. This is the title track from their upcoming album The Black, due to be released 25th March via Sumerian Records. Filled with monochromatic macabre scenes, the video perfectly encapsulates the raw angst of the single typical of the band. This track somehow succeeds in living up to well-received previously released singles ‘Undivided’ and ‘I Won’t Give In’ from the highly anticipated forthcoming album. The Black, the band’s fourth album, will be the first record featuring new vocalist Denis Stoff. His dedicated and intense connection to the band even at this early stage is clear from the quality of their newest releases. It is clear that he is already influencing the future direction of the band: “writing my own songs is important for me… I couldn’t be in a band where I’m not allowed to grow musically and pour my heart and soul into the writing process.” This release has only increased fans’ anticipation and excitement for the album release.

The Amazons – Ultraviolet

By Zoe Tongue

Music video for ‘Ultraviolet’

Swaggering new rock band The Amazons have managed to gain an impressive fanbase on the back of their debut EP Do You Wanna which was released in October on their own label, Goth Cruise Records. If any of you have seen Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging, my first thought was that they reminded me of The Stiff Dylans. The young Reading four-piece are cool, energetic, and all-round appealing. My favourite track from the EP is ‘Ultraviolet’, a lively feel-good anthem with a catchy chorus. The accompanying video is equally as fun, depicting the band playing guitars in their teenage bedrooms. The Amazons are definitely one to watch.

Foxing – Night Channels

By Zoe Tongue

Music video for ‘Night Channels’

Music that you really feel, that’s what Foxing are all about. The Missouri five-piece have just two albums to their name (Albatross and Dealer), but two intensely beautiful albums they are. ‘Foxing’ is a process of deterioration by which paper turns brown as it ages until the writing is no more, a concept the band have taken, acknowledging that they won’t be around forever, and reflecting this honesty in their music. ‘Night Channels’ is one of their best songs, taken from their most recent album Dealer. Evocative in both its lyrics and melody, it’s a perfect example of the raw and absolute elegance that the band manage to capture in their music.

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