Introducing: Jazz Plus Productions

Jazz Plus Productions was established in 2015 with an aim to present a fresh approach to the jazz genre, particularly to young people, many of whom feel that jazz is something un-relatable and distant.  Our work as a label and promoter is built entirely around changing that perception.  We are passionate about reaching young people, and allowing them to experience the thrill of virtuosic playing, the wonders of improvisation, and the joy of discovering new music.  Our live events showcase music created by young artists that are inspired by a variety of genres: Soul, Heavy Metal, R&B, Hip-Hop, Funk, UKG – the list could go on, and that doesn’t matter.  What does matter, is that jazz becomes a way of doing things, a method, rather than a confined, set genre.  Our gigs have been hugely successful – not only because the bands have been great, and the audiences full, but also because people have experienced their first ever jazz gig and loved it.  We’ve helped them get into this jazz world, and that’s great.    

 As well as providing fresh opportunities for new audiences, we provide new opportunities for young artists too, allowing them to reach new cities and meet and connect with other artists. One of our gigs opened with a live DJ set, followed by a 7 piece band. 2 very contrasting styles and approaches to making music, but both acts were inspired by one another as much as the audience were.

What does matter, is that jazz becomes a way of doing things, a method, rather than a confined, set genre.


If anyone is to say, “I’m not sure about jazz”, we’d say “come along to the next Jazz Plus Presents gig”.  It’s obviously biased, but there is a huge bonus in allowing yourself to be challenged by an experience.  When you start looking at jazz as a method, you start to see its influences in all these other genres – especially styles that are having a bit of a resurgence at the moment amongst young people – Hip-Hop and Soul.  GLOWROGUES are definitely a prime example of this – they’ve been described as “a tour-de-force of what happens when you blend a well-armed brass ensemble with crisp hip-hop beats”.  If you’d get down to it in the club, you’ll get down to it at Empty Shop on the 18th!

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