The Durham University Chamber Choir – upcoming concert in the Cathedral

The Durham University Chamber Choir is one of the most long-standing societies at our university, and each year takes on new singers, a new conductor and a new manager to create classical music together to the highest standards, and to make lifelong friends.

The ensemble performs regularly throughout the year as well as on an annual tour each July.Recent locations have included Budapest, Krakow and Amsterdam, and this year the Choir is going to Vilnius in Lithuania. We are always trying to expand our musical horizons our audience, and visiting a place that no choir members have been to before should make for a wonderful shared experience.

This term, the Chamber Choir is performing its Epiphany term concert. This will be on Saturday 25th February at 7.30pm in the Durham Cathedral Chapter House. The Chapter House is well known both for its amazing acoustics and for featuring in Harry Potter as Professor McGonagall’s classroom! The repertoire for the evening has been chosen with a subtle Easter theme, and features the Lobo Lamentations, Byrd’s Easter Propers and a selection of Brahms’s motets. It’s sounding fantastic in rehearsal and should make for a wonderful evening.


If you would like to come and hear the Choir and some beautiful music, tickets are available from the link below. There are plenty more events for the choir that are coming up next term, and these will be advertised on the website Student tickets are from £5, and it would be lovely to see new faces in the audience!

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with the Choir’s Manager, Megan Griffiths, at

The Durham University Chamber Choir is an entirely student-run organisation. Tickets for the Epiphany term concert in the Chapter House on Saturday 25th February are available at

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