Bonobo to take to the Sage

Simon Green, also known as Bonobo, is about to start a large-scale live tour to celebrate the release of his long awaited sixth album Migration, which was released on January 13th 2017 on Ninja Tune.


Bonobo’s last album, The North Borders, was number 1 in both US and UK electronic charts and his phenomenal 175 show support tour allowed his live music to be heard by around 2 million people. With six albums, numerous remixes and production credits under his belt it is unsurprising that Bonobo has 4,371,325 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 1 million Soundcloud followers. Migration has followed suit by winning the top spot in US Billboard’s Dance/ Electronic album charts and placing 5th in the UK Official Album Charts, which suggests that the upcoming tour will be a magical and historic experience.


Bonobo’s music combines classical beauty, essences of jazz, and emotional harmonies with masterful electronic skill, capturing the delicacy and variety of human life and feelings. Down-tempo, delicate melodies highlight complex rhythms and soft enchanting vocals, often building to an extremely uplifting climax. Migration doesn’t stray far from this, combining the expected and the unfamiliar by staying rooted with jazz-heavy, percussive house beats but also featuring experimental and unexpected twists and turns. The album may not break any new ground, but Bonobo’s successful discography suggests why change something that works? The music somehow manages to be both predictable and surprising, with a restrained and homely feeling making for perfect concentration music.


 Although he also regularly performs DJ sets using club mixes of his tracks, for his live tour Bonobo follows the growing trend of electronic artists taking on a live band to perform studio material. This provides a very unique experience with his full 12-piece band working creatively together to master and bring his music to life through ingenious arrangements worthy of the finest orchestrator.


Accompanying Bonobo on his European branch of the tour is Daktyl, a chill trap/future bass producer encompassing a wide variety of genres full of depth and textural individuality. Daktyl has an incredibly unique sound which has captured the attention of Diplo. He has impressed many with his ability to stray away from the predictable house beats that many British dance music producers can often get trapped in. Daktyl’s music is slightly more uptempo but perfectly highlights Bonobo’s musical output in its wonderful orchestral layers and patterns.

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