ALBUM REVIEW: The Loved Ones – Flyte

Flyte’s highly impressive debut album has been long in the making. Patient indie fans like myself have anticipated the release of this record for some time now and it certainly has been worth waiting for.

Flyte undoubtedly establish themselves  as talented and entertaining song writers on ‘The loved ones

 The foursome from London have been picking up heat on their You Tube channel over the past few years due to their dreamy indie-rock sound and poetic lyrics.  With a unique, melodious vibe to the record, it’s no wonder that fans and critics alike have been praising this new effort on social media. The dynamic and heartfelt ‘Faithless’ kicks off the album with a flying start. Next comes ‘Victoria Falls’ , an  upbeat single with excellent drum playing from Joe Spurn.  Ranging from a Mac Demarco esc synthesiser sound on ‘Echoes’ to folk instrumentation on ‘Orphans of the Storm’ , Flyte undoubtedly establish themselves  as talented and entertaining song writers on ‘The loved ones’. ‘Orphans of the storm’ is a personal favourite of mine. It’s descriptive lyrics and rolling backing vocals transport the listener to an endless ocean with a vast expansive sky stretching back to the horizon.  The dark ambiguous lyrics that appear in ‘Spiral’ , the story of suicide in ‘Sliding doors’ alongside the theme of domestic abuse in the single ‘Cathy Come Home’ display a lyrical maturity lacking in many contemporary artists. This is unsurprising considering frontman William Tyler is the son of two secondary school English teachers!

The band’s warm vocal harmonies are showcased wonderfully on the acapella cover of Alvvays’ “Archie, Marry Me”, which wraps up the exceptional album perfectly. The harmonies are tight and complex, acting as a throwback to the 60’s music acts (such as the Beatles or Simon and Garfunkel) that provide inspiration for their ever changing sound.

Flyte manages to craft a genuinely fresh and interesting album that melds familiar sounds with fantastic music production and beautiful vocal melodies. If you get the chance to see Flyte on their tour this year, I promise you wont regret it!

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