Album Review: Lonely the Brave – Things Will Matter

Lonely the Brave have become a pretty well-known name in the alternative-rock genre since the release of their debut album The Day’s War two years ago. The album was an impressive creation, full of intense, anthemic rock that has been compared to the style of Biffy Clyro, and it received great acclaim. The Cambridge quintet are now back with their second album Things Will Matter. It’s an incredible effort, delivering passion and fierce energy within tracks that pulsate with feeling.

‘Wait in the Car’ opens the album with a haunting softness. It’s a captivating few minutes; David Jakes’ vocals resonate above the echoing melody with breathtaking impact. ‘Black Mire’ changes the tone with a burst of guitar-heavy intensity and ‘What If You Fall In’ demonstrates desperate power in the chorus, which is in vivid contrast with the toned-down verses. ‘Rattlesnakes’ stands out with its instantly raging opening and hooking guitar background. It’s a whirlwind of energetic rock, and Jakes’ vocals are gripping. This is exactly the kind of stadium-worthy music that has made Lonely the Brave so prominent.

‘Diamond Days’ introduces melancholy to the album (“We’d better take a walk down misery lane”) which culminates with profound magnitude towards the end. ‘Tank Wave’ is another moving track. Murmuring vocals with a pronounced sadness build up throughout the song, and it’s inspiring how this band can create such powerfully evocative music.

‘Radar’ is different, almost aggressive. It’s got a thrashing instrumental, and the guitar riffs are stunning. The diversity in their music, from those heartfelt tracks to the relentless rock anthems, shows just how dynamic and talented Lonely the Brave are. ‘Strange Like I’ has a similarly forceful melody, but the repeated lyric “You’re quite strange like I” makes the track fun and catchy too. It’s certainly the most upbeat track on the album; the rest of the album has an inherent pessimism to it.

‘Jaws of Hell’ closes the album with sincerity. The rippling guitar rhythm and steady drum beats combine beautifully, and Jakes’ quivering vocals are gorgeous. The track magnifies before the lingering pause, followed by a minute of delicate piano which provides a faultless ending. Things Will Matter is an accomplished piece of work, providing rock anthems that are both gripping and moving. Lonely the Brave are genuinely one of the best alternative-rock bands out there, and they’ve shown nothing but pure skill with their first two releases.

Things Will Matter is out now, and Lonely the Brave are also currently on tour, playing at Newcastle Riverside this Friday.

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