A Few Words With : Chelou

London singer Chelou exploded on to the scene  bringing a unique vibe along with him, he has been likened to the likes of Jose Gonzalez, Bon Iver and Alt-J despite being brought up on the Camden Punk scene. We had the pleasure of contacting him and finding out more about the man himself.

How are you feeling about the tour? How do you feel about being on the road? 

The tour has been an incredible experience. Its an intense commitment being on the road, and not the easiest place to keep fit and energised , but you’re on such a high after every gig that the only thing you want to do is play another show!

What sort of things influence your projects?

My life circumstances have always been a big influence on my music. I’m quite a personal writer so what happens to me usually gets translated into music. engaging with new music and collaborating with different artists is also a massive influence my material. 

How and when do you write songs? Do you sit down and dedicate time to just writing songs and doing nothing but that?

My writing stems from an unconscious place. Its rarely a deliberate attempt to sit down and write a new song, but more a moment and vibe which inspires me, then something comes out and becomes a track. 


What is the most unique instrument you’ve featured in a track?

I sample a lot of my little sisters vocals on tracks. I like to warp her voice so that it becomes atmospheric backdrop guiding the song along. 

Are you working with any artists at the moment? If not who would you like to work with?

Me and Maya Jane Coles have been working together for years now, developing an organic sound together, whether its her producing my material or me featuring on hers. more recently I’ve worked with Bastien Keb and done a duet with Grace Lightman who are both incredible artists. Theres a few other writing sessions in the pipeline so so really excited to see what comes out of these collaborations. 

Do artists approach you to work with them?

Sometimes they approach me and other times I approach them. If i hear something i love and think will work as a collab its amazing being able to get in a studio and try and write / record something.

What are your thoughts on streaming?

I’m very positive about streaming as its been the main way people have engaged with my music thus-far. The industry has changed massively in rece

nt years and the internet, social media and streaming platforms are at the heart of this new generation of musicianship. Youtube should pay more though its crazy how they get away with paying so much less than Spotify and Apple, i don’t see how its fair.

How would you like your fans to listen to music? 

However they want to! some people value a hard record others prefer to stream. Coming to live shows is a whole different experience than listening to a record, but as long as they are listening I’m happy. 

What have you listened to recently that you’ve liked and you’d recommend for fans to have a listen to?

Im crazy about the new mount kimbie album at the moment and highly recommend anyone to listen too. Big Thief are also among my personal favourites as of late. 

What’s next for Chelou? 

I’m in the process of finishing an album which i hope to be out in the new year! gigs are already locked in for next year so an just super excited to get back on the road playing in new places to new audiences. 

You can find out more about Chelou on the following:

Facebook – chelouofficial

Twitter – @cheloumusic

Insta – @cheloumusic



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