DBF Preview: Northern Poetry

Pippa Little and Gareth Reeves will be joined by John Clegg, reading from his work ‘Antler.’

The surroundings in which we live are often thought to form our perceptions of the world around us; therefore when we read poetry, we instinctively relate it to the environment in which it was produced. The DBF’s Northern Poetry offers its audience the chance to explore the works of three contemporary poets, who live and work in the North East of England, alongside each other in what promises to be a truly enthusing event.

Dr Gareth Reeves, a reader in English at Durham University, will be reading from his most recent compilation To Hell with Paradise, offering a combination of humor and poignancy, as the collection ‘meditates upon family, loss, and the landscape of memory’. Reeves will be joined alongside John Clegg, a PhD student whose work, Antler, promises a vivid and imaginative illustration of the world as he distorts reality through ‘dark mirrors of folktale and myth’. Prizewinning poet, Pippa Little, will also be sharing her poetry. Reading from her first collection, Overwintering, the poet offers ‘a world of imagined realities’ as she explores what survives and grows from ‘the dark energies of winter’.

On Friday 26th October 12:30 in Durham’s Town Hall, Northern Poetry is an event not to be missed.

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