Writer’s Note: A Year of Minutes

‘I started (writing) three days before the deadline’


I hadn’t planned on submitting anything for DDF this year, but as the deadline approached I couldn’t resist the urge to try and write something to enter for the festival. I started three days before the deadline with no real direction so began writing some absurdist dialogue between two characters. 

The idea of the play taking the form of a year’s worth of minutes from the meetings of a residential committee is actually from the residential committee that my house is involved in. The discussions were very petty and I found it pretty funny so I exaggerated things from there and then it started turning into a black comedy which I quite enjoyed writing too.

The main challenge of staging it is that there is not much physical action, therefore little blocking and movement. As a result, we are currently trying to work out ways to mix it up and keep the audience interested for the duration. I think we’re all really enjoying the rehearsals which is the most important thing for creating a successful show.

‘A Year of Minutes’ is being performed as part of the Site Specific night on February 9th. Tickets are completely sold out but you can request to be on a waiting list. 

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