Writer’s Note: Screen 9

‘This is the survivor’s story, not mine’.

Part of me struggles to take the credit as the writer for ‘Screen 9’. In truth, I feel that I should have been named the facilitator, complier and researcher for the project! ‘Screen 9’ is a documentary piece which has been over a year in the making; a culmination of research into the Aurora shootings in Colorado during a showing of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in 2012.

The script follows four characters, created from interviews with American citizens, survivors, articles, press releases, blogs, videos, tweets, and trial coverage. Every single line has been resourced and nothing has been fabricated. I wanted to explore the notion that tragedy can occur anywhere and that it changes, not only our conception of the space it took place in, but also the individual.

Like many things, it came about after a 4am conversation 2 years ago and my passion for telling stories from voices rarely heard. This is the survivor’s story, not mine.

‘Screen 9’ shall be performed on the 9th and 10th of February in The Assembly Rooms Theatre as part of the Durham Drama Festival. 


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