Introducing: The Durham Finalist Showcase


Isabelle Culkin – Director 

Number of DST Shows: 20

How would you summarise your time in Durham: An absolute whirlwind – I’ll miss it.
Favorite shows you’ve been involved in: International Women’s Week Showcase – such a pleasure to be able to see Durham actresses have more autonomy over what they get to perform. It felt like they did the work for me, absolutely stellar troupe. Also, it was obviously a privilege to have the play I wrote performed at DDF.

Dream Role: ?
Plans for the future: Anything that takes me! But I would love to go into marketing and development in the arts, and maybe do some writing on the side.

Suzy Hawes- Producer

Number of DST shows: 22

How would you summarise your time in durham: best 3 years of my life meeting wonderful people.

Favourite shows: Woman in Mind (excellent play and lovely group), Mojo (excellent play and lovely group), Zanna Don’t! (Dream team and fun fun fun).

Dream Role: Executive producer at the National Theatre.

Plans for the future: Find employment.

Genevieve Burns- Producer

Number of DST Shows: 14
How would you summarize your time in Durham: Brilliant, but ready to move on.
Favorite shows you’ve been involved in:
Doing Spamalot at the beginning of this year was brilliant. Having assistant produced Kiss Me Kate at the Gala Theatre last year, it was really satisfying putting what I had learned into practice. There isn’t another show in Durham quite like doing the DULOG Gala one. The chance to work with such a large team full of talented people on such a fun and silly show is always going to be great.
Swallow in first term was just a dream. A cast of three, instead of thirty like Spamalot, but again, the team involved made it for me. I kept on saying how spookily chilled I was and expected something to go wrong yet it never did – for good reason! Everyone was so willing to work and it felt like a really tight-knit crew. It was also brilliant being able to rebuild that door and take it to NSDF in Hull during the Easter Break.
Dream Role: Working as a producer to bring new musical theatre to the West End.
Plans for the future: Head to the bright lights, get a foothold in the industry and work my way up.

Ambika Mod – Assistant Director

Number of shows: 22

How would you summarise your time in Durham: Cracking open a cold one with the boys.

Favourite shows:
Gigglebox (1st and 2nd Gen): Fun times and japes had by all
Mojo: directorial debut, fun times and japes had by all
Lemons: great play, fun times and japes had by all.

Dream Role: Comedy

Plans for the future: planning my future.

Tom Harper – Assistant Director

Number of DST Shows: 16
How would you summarize your time in Durham:A rollercoaster… but the kind of rollercoaster where I’m too small to ride.
Favourite Show: Durham Revue and Sweeney Todd. Comedy and Singing are fun, sometimes at the same time.
Dream Role: Inspector Javert (Les Miserables).
Plans: Acting or Law.

Adam Simpson

Number of DST Shows: 24

How would you summarize your time in Durham:

The best three years I’ve ever had. I met the most inspiring of people and I’ve always tried to learn as much as I can from the people I’ve met. I’ve improved so much as a person and an actor because of this and I’m forever grateful to everyone I’ve met and worked alongside. 

Favourite shows you’ve been involved in:  

Angels in America as I’ve never had 3 more fun weeks working with an incredible team. Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me and Toll as it’s the most proud of my own performance I’ve ever been and I felt so immersed in the worlds of the plays.

Dream Role: Iago.

Plans for the future: I’ll either be training at drama school or reapplying with the hope of entering the industry as an actor.

Annie Davison

Number of DST Shows: 18

How would you summarize your time in Durham: Banter. Would do again.
Favourite shows: Swallow – I got to perform at the nsdf which was a phenomenal experience, with phenomenal people, absolutely loved it.
Dream Role: Probs the narrator in Every Brilliant Thing but only when I’m about 40 years old
so I got time
Plans for the future: *Internal screaming*

George Rexstrew

Number of DST shows: 23.

How would you summarise your time in Durham? My four years have simultaneously flown by and felt like a lifetime. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself—I’ve made the best friends, studied what I love and have had plenty of time for theatre on the side. But now I’m looking forward to the next chapter, whatever that may be!

Favourite shows you’ve been involved in: Directing Swallow this year was something pretty special. I also loved performing The Boy James in the Castle during my second year. Producing Agnes of God and Motherland are other highlights of mine.

Dream Role: Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Plans for the future: I’m performing in DULOG’s Edinburgh Fringe production of Edges this summer, and then I’m planning on moving to Italy for a few months from September!


Sophie Allen

Number of DST shows: Many – I even came back. 

How would you summarise your time in Durham: Rave, research, rehearse, repeat. 

Favourite shows you’ve been involved in: Rose died in child birth. 

Dream Role: The Shark from Jaws

Plans for the future: The future plans around me. 

Jake Hathaway

Number of DST Shows: Have no idea how many DST shows I’ve done lol
How would you summarise your time in Durham: hated my time in Durham so much I’m coming back next year for another one!
Favourite shows you’ve been involved in: Auditions – The first show that I went up to the Edinburgh Fringe with had an awesome atmosphere, with a great group of people.
Trainspotting – Fantastic fun doing such a dark show using a more native Scottish accent, that also happens to be one of my favourite films and books.
Dream Role: Marc Antony. 
Plans for the Future: Get an agent, become rich and famous obviously – Or do my masters degree next year. we will see what happens. 

Erin Welch

Number of DST Shows: 11
How would you summarise your time in Durham: As I am always one for a cliche – the best three years of my life.

Favourite shows you’ve been involved in: Home and Motherland gave me a love for verbatim theatre and ‘auditions’ for last years ddf was beyond fun to be a part of.

Dream Role: Stella from streetcar (another cliche of course!). 

Plans for the Future: Have a decent attempt at cracking the industry before no doubt ending up regretful and jobless. 

Andrew Shires

Number of DST shows: 27
How would you summarize your time in Durham: Actually not bad on the whole.
Favourite shows you’ve been involved in: Urinetown and The Normal Heart, both were really good fun and had large casts, so it meant I got to meet a lot of new people through them. 
Dream role: Gone Girl in Gone Girl though to be fair Rosamund did a fantastic job, so credit to her.
Plans for the future: Be a comedian. Or just do ‘Eat Pray Love’ for the rest of my life. 


Shona Graham

Number of DST Shows: Performed in 13, directed 1, was costume assistant for 1.
How would you summarize your time in Durham: Eclectic and varied, but I’ve learned a load and met some of the best people who are on the planet I reckon. 
Favourite shows you’ve been involved in: Cabaret holds a special place in my heart as the first show I did in Durham, the cast of Thrill of Love made it so much fun to put on, I loved performing at NSDF and obviously Changes was very significant to me as a piece I devised and directed with the help of TDTC and a superb cast.
Dream role: Glinda in the screen adaptation of Wicked.
Plans for the future: Auditioning for screen roles primarily, potentially auditioning for an MA course starting in 2018.

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