Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Sleeping Beauty

Edinburgh is the place to be this week as the Fringe gets underway, and thespians from all over the UK are flocking to take part in this exciting one-month-long performing arts extravaganza. Durham students are taking several shows to the Fringe, including Another Soup Productions’ Sleeping Beauty, directed by Dave Spencer. Spencer has adapted the Grimm fairytale into storytelling theatre, primarily directed at families, but with darker undertones that will appeal to older audiences. Making use of puppets and physical theatre, Another Soup Productions’ Sleeping Beauty will be an unusual theatrical experience for Fringe audiences.

Another Soup Productions operates in a collective fashion. Sleeping Beauty is therefore the product of the efforts of many, and Spencer says of his company, “We believe that through a collective donation of ideas, whatever we are doing will be enhanced and end up better for it. In this way, we do not rely on a single director or producer’s vision of a production’s finished form. Instead, we hope to achieve a show that is the creation of the entire team, and will therefore be far superior.”

Part of the collaborative effort of Sleeping Beauty was the adaptation of the original text into stage material. Drawing inspiration from the harrowing stories of the Brothers Grimm, the team felt that Briar Rose, the original version of Sleeping Beauty, was unusually upbeat for a Grimm fairytale. The adaptation presented at the Fringe has brought some darker elements from other Grimm stories into play with the popularised versions, such as the famous Disney animated film.

In Sleeping Beauty, young members of the audience will be invited to sit on cushions on the stage, “and feel almost a part of the action, as if they will be invited to play a character in the story at any point.” Another Soup Productions has also had puppets designed especially for the show, which take the forms of downtrodden villagers.

Other Durham student productions at the Fringe include the Durham Revue’s 33rd Annual Surprise Party, Durham Fringe Productions’ The Hot Mikado, Traitor Theatre Company’s Through the Looking Glass (And What Alice Found There), Peculius Stage’s Hood! and the highly acclaimed A World Without Words. For more information and ticket bookings visit http://www.edfringe.com/.

Sleeping Beauty is on at theSpaces on North Bridge at 16:10

Previews: August 5th & 6th – £6.50/£4.50/£20.50 (Families: two adults, two children)

Full Run: August 8th–27th (except Sundays) – £7.50/£5.50/£24.00F.

Box Office: 0845 557 6308 or boxoffice.northbridge@thespaceuk.com


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