Director’s Note: Foxfinder

“‘Foxfinder’ is a dark exploration about conspiracy, belief and responsibility.”
Photo Credit: Mari Liis


I’m not actually a massive fan of watching theatre. Controversial, I know. I walk in with a positive mindset but I always find that my mind wonders and I get bored. When I first saw ‘Foxfinder’ at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, I was blown away! Finally I had found a production that kept my attention for an entire ninety minutes. I’d been to the theatre and been made to laugh and cry, but never before had I been made to feel fear like ‘Foxfinder’ did. I hope the intimate setting of the Norman Chapel and the intense performances of the cast make you feel the same way I did two summers ago.

‘Foxfinder’ is a dark exploration about conspiracy, belief and responsibility. A farming couple, Samuel and Judith Covey, who are still grieving the death of their son and have failing crops, are under investigation by a 19 year old foxfinder, William. To him the fox is an enemy of mankind who has the power to destroy crops, influence the weather and even control the minds of humans.

Clearly, the play is an allegory, the fox representing how we look for scapegoats when things go wrong, something we see increasingly in today’s political narrative. This concept is nothing new, with the themes echoing ‘The Crucible’, but it’s the haunting script that really makes this play special.  

Working with such a talented cast and production team has been a privilege and a joy. The rehearsal process has pushed a lot of us outside of our comfort zone, but the payoff has been so worth it and I’m sure this will be evident in the performances this week.  

CTC Present’s Dawn King’s ‘Foxfinder’ on the 6th, 7th and 9th December at the Norman Chapel.

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