Creatives’ Note: Coming Home- A Concert

'Home conjures different images'.

‘Home conjures different images and ideas in everyone’.

It is such an honour to have people share their talent with you. By not specifically looking for any one genre, the audition process was so refreshing and exciting, and we saw so many people from outside the usual musical channels in Durham. When rehearsals began, the prospect of bringing a group of people from all different years, colleges and musical styles together seemed like it could be a task, but we have had the absolute pleasure of working with some of the most talented musicians, writers and performers in Durham.

Home seemed an apt theme for a project that began its life as a fundraiser for the charity Women for Women International, a global charity which provides academic, business, health and human rights education for marginalised women in post-conflict countries. Women for Women International works on the ground to support these women, not only in rebuilding their own homes in the wake of violent conflict, but in going on to build strong, flourishing local communities.

This concert is about encapsulating an idea of ‘Coming Home’ which extends beyond the obvious links, into personal feelings about identity, family, love and sometimes pain. ‘Home’ conjures different images and ideas in everyone; present or past, happy or sad, real or imaginary. Navigating these various emotions and qualities has provided inspiration for our song choices and really guides the concert’s journey.

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