Writer’s Block

It’s happened to the best of us. We become overwhelmed by a creative urge, a desire to spill glorious words onto a blank page which waits, pale with anticipation, for our masterpiece to materialise. And it just doesn’t come. There’s no shame in admitting this. We’re not afraid to admit it’s happened to us. Now, why not be a good sport and give us a hand with this one? Just email us the next 200 words to our rolling story, which we’ll build on in the weeks to come. Emails to: creative@thebubble.org.uk The more creative the better.

Victor loved to people-watch. Today he had chosen his favourite spot, just by the fountain, where he had a good enough view of two sides of the square to be able to see where people were coming from, watch them pass by the little café with the never-changing ‘specials’ board, and follow them until they disappeared down the side street which led to the watchmakers. But today something seemed different. The water seemed a little more unsettled. The not-quite-encrusted chewing gum he usually had to avoid when settling into his observation post had disappeared. And then he saw it…

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