Susan Maginn explores different poetic forms in her experimental four-part piece.




When you touch me my skin breaks apart because there is so much sunlight trying to break free from underneath. It is everywhere, cracking, cracking, dissolving the empty spaces between my bones, open.




don’t you hear the leaves dying everyday


don’t you feel the grass scream under your feet


don’t you see that the sun’s rays are dimming


don’t you know that I have died a thousand deaths


and will die a thousand more before I am through?




I like that my hair gets on all of your clothes, like
You’re mine, like I’m everywhere you go and you
Can’t be rid of me.




The warm glow of an embrace / my body / waiting / patiently to be held.


Tired of always holding out empty hands / begging wrists / needy palms.


A howl from the underbelly / of skin / wrapped in softness / forgiving.



Susan Maginn is a third year student of English literature. She likes coffee, writing, and writing whilst drinking coffee. Her experimental four-part piece plays with different poetic forms to express the complexity of human sensations and experiences.


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