To Want

“The inside of yourself became ravaged with fire”

To Want

It’s when you want the scorching sunlight,
Till you realise it’s too hot for you to bear,
It’s when you want to achieve new sight,
That you realise that truth gives a piercing glare.
And you cry out desperately, for that cooling breeze,
But regret it dearly as frozen fingers freeze your joints;
Your hips, your elbows, your knees.

Your desire was for that soft, sweet texture,
It touched your taste buds, completing temptation,
Those pure ingredients blended into perfect mixture.
It sank down into your stomach; a satisfying sensation,
And just when you thought you had gained all you desired,
The water in your stomach burst into flame,
The inside of yourself became ravaged with fire-
The heart, an animal, impossible to tame.

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